Yoga and arthritis

If you suffer with the pain and limiting impact of arthritis, exercise might seem like something that isn’t for you. But it’s the opposite that’s true. Exercise can be a great way of maintaining or increasing your range of motion and the strength of your bones.

Here’s what the Nyoga-929855_640HS says about yoga and arthritis.

It’s not just the NHS. Arthritis Research UK undertook a study to see if yoga could deliver real benefits to people suffering from arthritis. Their study showed that practising yoga can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis and improve overall ‘back function’. The positive effects were felt within the first 3 months of starting yoga. Regular practice can help to maintain those benefits.

Of course, yoga is not the only form of exercise that can help and it might not be for you. The benefits of regular exercise for arthritis suffers include but aren’t restricted to improved range of motion, better balance and reduced stress. If in doubt, speak to your doctor about how exercise might be able to help and what form of exercise might be suitable for you.




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