Yoga to get fit

Yes, you can get fit doing yoga.

For many people yoga is associated with relaxation rather than getting fit. The idea that yoga could beĀ hard probably doesn’t occur to people without experience of yoga. But, with 7 weeks to go before my stag do I’m focussing on using yoga to get fit so that I can tackle Pen-y-Fan and Snowdon. Not your typical stag, I know…

The Sun Salutation sequence is where we begin. There are a number of variations of this sequence so you can change it to suit your needs. You can start with just 2-3 rounds of a fairly easy sequence and build up to a 6-8 repetitions of a very vigorous sequence that will raise your heart rate and really get the blood pumping. This is what we’ll be working towards in class.

We’ll be making good use of the warm-up provided by Sun Salutations to help develop flexibility. First of all the quads, which are overlooked far too much in my opinion. It can be really satisfying to develop hamstring flexibility, but it really should be balanced with developing flexibility in your quads.

Then we’ll alternate between sequences that lift the heart rate and holding static poses to stretch. Although some poses, particularly the Warrior poses, can do both jobs at once!

It felt good today to work through the class I’d planned and to hear people working hard. I know I found it hard work to do all the demonstrations and talk at the same time! Hopefully by the time I’m heading up Pen-y-Fan I’ll be making it look easy…

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